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As part of its support of students in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, the Saddleback Valley Educational Foundation (SVEF) is proud to present many scholarships that are offered to deserving graduating seniors in our local high schools.


Walter Cascell Memorial Scholarship
The Cascell Scholarship is given to a deserving student attending one of our Saddleback Valley Unified School District high schools. The scholarship is endowed by the Cascell family in memory of Dr. Walter Cascell, in thanks for educating their children.

2020 Walter Cascell Scholarship for $1,000 was awarded to Kaitlin Vu from Laguna Hills High School. Kaitlin is a well-rounded, high achieving student who excels in all subject areas. She developed a genuine passion for law, politics, and international law after taking classes in US History, Global Politics and MUN. She was part of the LHHS MUN leadership team and became one of the top delegates receiving numerous awards. Kaitlin plans to attend UCI to study political science for her bachelor’s degree. After taking the LSAT exam she plans to pursue studying law to achieve a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. Her goal is to become a lawyer and help others less fortunate.

Click here for Cascell Scholarship Application Letter

The application window is now closed. Next year’s application will be available on Nov. 1, 2021. Thank you for your interest.



Stephen Wallace Memorial Scholarship
The Wallace Scholarship is given to a deserving student attending Mission Viejo High School, in honor of Stephen Wallace and endowed by the Wallace family. The recipient for this scholarship is selected by the school counselor.

2020 Stephen Wallace Scholarship for $1,000 was awarded to Rebekah Yarvis from Mission Viejo High School. This scholarship, selected and given by the Wallace family, is awarded to a high achieving college-bound senior student planning to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math). Rebekah plans to attend University of Iowa to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with expertise in genetics and biotechnology. Her goal is to get a PhD in biology and pursue a career in research in the field of molecular biology.



Mission Viejo Company Scholarships
The Mission Viejo Co. Scholarships are given to one deserving student from each high school in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, residing in Mission Viejo. The recipients for this scholarship are selected by their school counselors.

2020 Mission Viejo Company Scholarship was awarded to Alyssa Nielsen from Mission Viejo High School ($500), Don Le from Trabuco Hills High School ($500), Matthew Viveros and Marco Viveros from Silverado High School ($250 each).  

Don is a brilliant, hardworking and highly motivated student who takes extra initiative to master the learning material. He was also voted as this year’s THHS Valedictorian, a highly prestigious achievement. Don is respected not only by many of his peers but also by many adults, for being considerate and thoughtful of others. He likes working with interactivity and creativity with a variety of career interests involving software development, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, game development, and multimedia art. He plans to begin studying Computer Science at UCSD.

Matthew was selected by the staff and counselors for his high accomplishments and ability to succeed. He transferred from Mission Viejo High School to Silverado High School at the beginning of his senior year with the goal of graduating early and starting the next chapter of his life. He graduated at the end of second trimester but continued to attend Silverado High School the third trimester in order to participate in Counseling 100 course offered by Saddleback College, qualifying him for free college tuition. Matthew is currently involved in e-commerce with the goal to eventually work and invest in real estate.

Marco was also selected by staff members and counselors for his high accomplishments. He transferred from Mission Viejo High School to Silverado High School beginning of his senior year with a goal to graduate early. He earned enough credits to graduate at the end of second trimester, but instead chose to enroll in Counseling 100 offered by Saddleback College to help cover his college expenses via a grant called the Promise Program. Marco is considering a career in law enforcement and will start community college in the fall.

Alyssa developed many characteristics that made her stand out to be a great student at Mission Viejo High School. She is self-motivated, persevering and intelligent, who sets high goals for herself and rises to the challenge every time. Alyssa plans to attend Saddleback College in the fall to study Criminal Justice then go on to study Pre Law with hopes of attending law school.



SVEF Scholarship
Every year the foundation board members interview many outstanding students all exceptionally qualified not only for their academic abilities, but for their sheer determination. This year the SVEF decided to award a further two scholarships to students for their outstanding accomplishments.

2020 SVEF Scholarship for $500 each was awarded to Joshua Richter from Laguna Hills High School and Emily Mitchell from Mission Viejo High School.

Joshua is intelligent, hardworking and conscientious. He was ranked first in the class of 2020 at LHHS. Joshua has a great love for science exploration and helping people. He plans to study biology at UCLA then pursue medical school to become a surgeon.

Emily is a kind, confident and compassionate student and passionate about helping others. Emily plans to attend Auburn University and earn a degree as a Speech and Language Pathologist. She intends to work with school children helping to diagnose and treat communication disorders, thus helping children build confidence while developing their speech skills. Her goal is to have a positive impact on special education students and their families.

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